How would the school help you if you’ve been asked to tackle a huge new project?

Sometimes your organisation comes up with an amazing idea. Even you think it’s amazing, but the challenge is that this idea involves raising an amazing amount of money. That kind of big campaign requires different tactics, whether it’s for a capital newbuild, an endowment project or even just a significant expansion in programme.

Our skilled leaders at the school will help you understand the difference between taking on and successfully delivering these big projects. We’ll share with you our practical experience in raising £50M for a new Scottish museum, £500K for a major exhibition in London and £250K for an ambitious national tour.

We’ll explore the proper role for you, your CEO or artistic director, and — vitally important — that of of the Board (We need to talk about Boards). You’ll spend significant time discovering the opportunities available from major donors: how to reach them and how to solicit them.

At the same time as learning about how to raise these significant sums you’ll explore how to maintain the sustainable regular funding that will ensure the success of your organisation long-term.

Dominic Haddock

Dominic Haddock

Director of Development & Communications
English Touring Opera

Having just taken on a new organisation, a fundraising team, and a major festival to raise funds for, NAFS came at the perfect time in my career to give me the strategic overview, skills and confidence to deliver significant financial results.
Rishaad Aït El Moudden

Rishaad Aït El Moudden

Trust Fundraiser Manager
Scottish Opera

NAFS genuinely helped to launch and shape my career in fundraising. Within two years, I was a Fundraising Manager at the largest performing arts organisation in Scotland, raising a six-figure sum each year.

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