What’s the difference between the In Person and In Person Plus programmes?

The In Person programme offers an intensive residential training programme and then support online to help you implement your strategy. The In Person Plus programme takes this support to another level with a guaranteed onsite consultancy day with one of the School experts.

Do I have to work for an organisation to come to the School?

Nope you can come as an independent, as a consultant, as a Board member or volunteer. Or even just someone with a great idea.

Do I have to live in UK or work for a UK organisation?

The basic principles behind the programme can be applied anywhere — how to approach major donors, how to engage a corporate, how to write a powerful foundation proposal. We’re delighted to say we’ve had participants from Egypt, Costa Rica, Russia, France, Austria, Romania, Zimbabwe and Italy over the years.

We’re strapped for cash. And the programme is expensive. Do you offer bursaries?

The School doesn’t directly offer bursaries. You may, however, find that your local authority, one of the arts councils, a local foundation or even a local business might offer you support. Remember to mention the money-back guarantee — so their investment is safe.

How do I persuade my boss or board to support my application to attend?

The support of your organisation is essential. Not just financially but also to implement the ideas when you return. (You’ll be looking for them to make changes.) To help you we’ve prepared a free Convincer Pack that will offer you ideas on how to sell your attendance at the programme. You can download it here.

Couldn’t I just go to a whole lots of cheaper subsidised courses in half days? Isn’t that more flexible?

There are a lot of great short programmes out there. But no matter how good they are they don’t offer an integrated approach bringing together all the elements and tactics into an integrated strategy. The school is also led by a team of Europe’s best fundraisers, each with a real track record of success.

Is this just the usual stuff?

Every programme is updated, including content, workbook, and exercises. We want to make sure you have the latest and best insights. The school goes way beyond the standard business-as-usual practice. The world of fundraising has changed and the School has changed with it. We now incorporate insights from behavioural science, developments in digital, and help you access the massive growth in HNWI.

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