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1-6 May 2020
Deans Place Hotel
Alfriston, Sussex
£2149.00 + VAT

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How to convince your boss you should attend the National Arts Fundraising School

05 Feb 2020

So you’ve decided you want to come to the National Arts Fundraising School. Coming on the School is possibly the most expensive investment you/your organisation could make.

Decision Science, October 2019 in NYC | Bernard Ross at seminar

Testing Decision Science in NYC. Can you guess which worked best?

06 Nov 2019

October 31st was an exciting day for the =mc consulting team, testing out various decision science principles on behalf of MSF/DWB with a brilliant group of young Face to Face canvassers from GiveBridge.

How to make your ideas ‘sticky’

19 Apr 2019

Some ideas are ‘sticky’ – that is they seem to very quickly and easily acquire status and circulation. Some of these ideas are natural – that is they have grown up seemingly spontaneously – and some have been created – consciously designed by advertising executives, marketers or charity fundraisers.


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