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8-13 November 2020
Deans Place Hotel
Alfriston, Sussex
£2149.00 + VAT

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NAFS | Flexible Funder Awards

National Arts Fundraising School’s 5 Fabulous Flexible Funders

29 Apr 2020 by Emily Loveday

Nominated by arts and cultural fundraisers across the UK, NAFS has created a shortlist of funders who have responded most flexibly to the third sector funding crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Your Vibe Attracts The Tribe" messaging. Fundraising, coronavirus

Tribal times: understanding our reactions to coronavirus and adapting our fundraising

01 Apr 2020 by Marina Jones

In these Coronaviral times when you listen to the or watch the news it’s all about death- despite the fact that most people, even those who are infected, recover. Why are we so focused on death?

Morecombe Bay Partnership, Longways + Crosswise (Photo ©2018 Robin Zahler)

NAFS and Covid-19 Plan B Blog: A Message from the School’s Director Bernard Ross

12 Mar 2020 by Bernard Ross

­­­­­­­­I’m sure, like me, you’re following the COVID-19 developments. In this blog want to fill you in on what plans we’re making concerning the National Arts Fundraising School set for May 1st-6th. It has bad news and good news.


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