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Make 2024 the year you transform your fundraising. Secure your place on the world's most intensive and innovative arts fundraising programme. Choose from three fabulous versions: Online, In Person or In Person Plus.

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The National Arts Fundraising School is the world’s most intensive and innovative training for fundraisers working in the arts and culture sector. Secure your place on the school and we guarantee results, developing your fundraising strategy and expanding your skillset, inspired by our team of outstanding programme leaders.
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National Arts Fundraising School - Woman poking head through paper tear hole on orange background.

Don’t Miss Out! FREE places on The National Arts Fundraising School

16th July 2024 by Bernard Ross

If you live in the South and East Lincolnshire Council Partnership area and need support for your work, as an arts, cultural or heritage organisation, or even as an individual artist, we’ve some exciting news. Support from the Partnership means we can offer FREE places on the 2024 residential and online Schools.

Decision Science Arts Fundraising — Stair blocks on a green background

Putting the Science into the Art of Fundraising

23rd February 2023 by Bernard Ross

There’s a lot of flawed thinking and anecdotes that underpin much arts fundraising ‘best practice’ today. That’s why the National Arts Fundraising School, with support from Ogilvy Consulting and ACE, set up the world’s largest field1 experiment in arts and culture fundraising. Over six months we tested a whole range of fundraising techniques to establish […]

NAFS Team Expansion 2023 – New leaders and coaches

NAFS team expands in response to demand for fundraising skills and knowledge

20th February 2023 by Bernard Ross

National Arts Fundraising School director Bernard Ross welcomes four new tutors to the NAFS training and coaching team in response to increased demand from arts, culture and heritage organisations in the UK.

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