Harry Hadden-Paton as Professor Higgins, Amara Okereke as Eliza Doolittle and Malcolm Sinclair as Colonel Pickering in My Fair Lady

Ten silly fundraising lessons from ‘My Fair Lady’

23rd May 2022 by Marina Jones & Dominic Haddock

Fundraising doesn’t have to be deadly serious. In this lighthearted blog two talented NAFS alumni — one now a programme leader — share their list of lessons from the show their company is currently delivering at the Coliseum in London. It’s loverly…

What do our brilliant alumni think of NAFS online?

What do our brilliant alumni think of NAFS online?

10th June 2021 by Emily Loveday

Check out what our most recent alumni had to say about their NAFS experiences. The next online School is 7th September – 12th October and the next residential option is 7th-12th November.

Big Brains Join the National Arts Fundraising School team | Steph Graham & Susan Fisher

Big Brains join the National Arts Fundraising School team

19th March 2021 by Bernard Ross

As demand for high quality fundraising training grows, and our alumni seek more specialist advice, we need more capacity to provide support. So we’re super excited that we’ve managed to persuade two cultural fundraising stars to bring their special brand of iridescence to the National Arts Fundraising School team.

NAFS & Grimsby Creates | Woman raising arm in success

Grimsby’s creative sector have got it good!

16th March 2021 by Bernard Ross

Grimsby Creates, North East Lincolnshire’s cultural development programme, has secured three places at our sold-out National Arts Fundraising School (NAFS) on-line programme in April & May and is inviting local creatives to apply to fill these spaces by 22nd March. Below we explore why this innovative Council has taken this bold step and how you can benefit if you live in the area.

Myth or Fact?

Local Authorities Can‘t Fundraise: 5 Municipal Money Myths and the NAFS Myth Buster reply

11th March 2021 by Dana Segal

In this blog NAFS Deputy Director Dana Segal explains how the National Arts Fundraising School can help local authorities raise money for their important work – and how they can support other local agencies to be more sustainable.

Five reasons why you SHOULDN’T come to the National Arts Fundraising School | Image of woman working in home office

Five reasons why you SHOULDN’T come to the National Arts Fundraising School

21st July 2020 by Bernard Ross

Yes, you read the headline right. This is a blog explaining why you SHOULDN’T come to the next NAFS on 8-13 November 2020. And actually why you shouldn’t even consider our first programme in 2021 on 25th-30th April.

We Stand Together | £1.57 Billion for Cultural, Arts and Heritage Instituions | Rishi Sunak

Can Rishi’s Riches Save the Arts?

9th July 2020 by Rob Shaw

As news of Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak’s £1.57bn arts and culture rescue package came through late last Sunday night, it was a good way to end the weekend… and enabled me to wake up on Monday morning much more optimistic about the future of the UK arts sector than I had been previously. But hold back on the knight to the rescue fantasy. I have some concerns.

Thinking beyond Rishi’s Riches: how to convince your boss you should attend the National Arts Fundraising School | Elephant on chair, afraid of a mouse

Thinking beyond Rishi’s Riches: how to convince your boss you should attend the National Arts Fundraising School

6th July 2020 by Bernard Ross

Hurrah! The recent arts funding announcement from the government is good news. It will help. Maybe now is the time to persuade your boss that you can help your organisation build for the longer term.

NAFS | Flexible Funder Awards

National Arts Fundraising School’s 5 Fabulous Flexible Funders

29th April 2020 by Emily Loveday

Nominated by arts and cultural fundraisers across the UK, NAFS has created a shortlist of funders who have responded most flexibly to the third sector funding crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Your Vibe Attracts The Tribe" messaging. Fundraising, coronavirus

Tribal times: understanding our reactions to coronavirus and adapting our fundraising

1st April 2020 by Marina Jones

In these Coronaviral times when you listen to the or watch the news it’s all about death- despite the fact that most people, even those who are infected, recover. Why are we so focused on death?

Morecombe Bay Partnership, Longways + Crosswise (Photo ©2018 Robin Zahler)

NAFS and Covid-19 Plan B Blog: A Message from the School’s Director Bernard Ross

12th March 2020 by Bernard Ross

­­­­­­­­I’m sure, like me, you’re following the COVID-19 developments. In this blog want to fill you in on what plans we’re making concerning the National Arts Fundraising School set for May 1st-6th. It has bad news and good news.

How to convince your boss you should attend the National Arts Fundraising School

5th February 2020 by Bernard Ross

So you’ve decided you want to come to the National Arts Fundraising School. Coming on the School is possibly the most expensive investment you/your organisation could make.

Decision Science, October 2019 in NYC | Bernard Ross at seminar

Testing Decision Science in NYC. Can you guess which worked best?

6th November 2019 by Bernard Ross

October 31st was an exciting day for the =mc consulting team, testing out various decision science principles on behalf of MSF/DWB with a brilliant group of young Face to Face canvassers from GiveBridge.

How to make your ideas ‘sticky’

19th April 2019 by Bernard Ross

Some ideas are ‘sticky’ – that is they seem to very quickly and easily acquire status and circulation. Some of these ideas are natural – that is they have grown up seemingly spontaneously – and some have been created – consciously designed by advertising executives, marketers or charity fundraisers.

30 years running & £350M raised… is it REALLY worth the hype?!

22nd February 2019 by Bernard Ross

It’s crazy to think that the National Arts Fundraising School, or NAFS as it’s affectionately known, has been running for 30 years. Because 30 years ago, arts & cultural fundraising was a totally different space.

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