How would the School help you as a a fundraiser outside the UK?

Despite obvious cultural differences the skills and techniques used in fundraising are more similar than dissimilar internationally, and fortunately love of the arts and culture is a worldwide phenomenon. So if you’re a fundraiser working outside the UK and keen to learn the latest and most effective techniques then the school is a great place to learn or improve your skills and confidence.

The team leading the school all have extensive international experience having worked in, or raised money in, almost everywhere in the world. From museums in Argentina and Zimbabwe, to galleries in Mexico and the USA and performing arts companies in Denmark and India — they’ll share that experience.

In recent years we’ve welcomed delegates — onsite and online — from Canada, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Egypt, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. All have taken back improved skills and confidence, ready to apply learning to their local situation.

Note: You DO need a working knowledge of English to gain most from the programme.

Ana Pinto Gonçalves

Ana Pinto Gonçalves

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

As an International student at NAFS, the school worked hard to adapt the programme materials to my context to help keep my learning relevant. Having learnt from top fundraising experts, I’ve gone on to further develop my corporate fundraising endeavours successfully.
Dasha Bushinskya

Dasha Bushinskya

Development Officer
Dashi Art, Moscow

Today our team received about £1.5M funding for the reconstruction of the Museum of Sculpture in Moscow. Thank you for the inspiration, insights – and everything. The School was really easy to adapt to my situation in Russia. The programme proved that key fundraising principles are pretty universal.

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