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Maybe the challenges you face are more regarding your own questions about the National Arts Fundraising School. Below we tackle some of the common ones. Do call or email us if you have other questions, we’re always happy to help you decide whether it’s the course for you.

1. Will I be the youngest / least knowledgeable person there?

NAFS attracts a wide range of people – from relatively new fundraisers to experienced CEOs. Before you come you’ll be asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire about your experience and needs. And we can then adapt the programme modules the different needs and levels of the group. We ask everyone to come prepared to learn.

2. Will I be the oldest / most knowledgeable person there? (Will I be bored?)

Many experienced fundraisers of CEOs come to NAFS for two things: first to find out if their skills and knowledge are up to date. Second to get re-energised and re-inspired with new ideas. If you have great experience – say running a campaign – we’ll ask you to share it and help others gain from your knowledge. We ask everyone to come prepared to share. We can promise that you will be engaged and inspired as you go more deeply into fundraising than ever before.

3. How will this help my career progression?

Job one is to make an impact where you are now, and reward the investment that your organisation makes in you. Then you can talk about the next thing. Having said that a number of Alumni go on to high flying careers in fundraising. NAFS graduates have progressed to senior jobs at Tate, the National Gallery, ACE, Circus Space, National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh Festival, National Theatre of Wales, Cinema For All, RSC, Scottish Opera, Rambert etc. We believe the grounding that NAFS offers ensure that you have the skills and confidence to make those moves.

4. The challenges I face are not so much about the technical aspects of fundraising but more about the attitudes to me as a younger person, or the lack of commitment by the Board / AD / CEO. will you deal with that?

You’re right, fundraising is often about more than simply the technical how-to. Transforming fundraising often involves transforming ideas and attitudes. So we spend significant time on the School addressing exactly this issue – how to develop a plan, how to build your credibility and how to on-board senior colleagues and Board members. We have a specific session on the last day to talk about how to engage key stakeholders.

5. How will I remember all the stuff I’ll learn over the 6 days? I’m already struggling to keep up with stuff I’m supposed to know now…

Your brain is a pretty flexible organ. so no need for a major memory upgrade. We’ll support your learning in a number of different ways…

  • First, with flexible learning opportunities – from case studies to expert input, and opportunities to access the UK’s largest fundraising library to making videos.
  • Second, all the key ideas on the School (and more) are contained in the 350+ page workbook and a usb crammed with ideas and insights.
  • And third, you can call us up or email to ask a question or seek advice for an unlimited time after the School.

The next School is 10 – 15 November, book now to guarantee your place.

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