Ostrich with head in the sand

Before you try to persuade someone to support your attendance at the School ask yourself five key questions. If you can answer ‘yes’ to most of these then you won’t benefit. If you answer ‘no’, then you definitely should come. And if you’re not sure, call us to have a conversation – we’re happy to talk through what the options are.

1. Do you have enough secure money or other resources to deliver the work you believe is important over the next 3 to 5 years? This is not a trick question. Some organisations have secure funds through a long-term governmental programme, thanks to the investment of a committed individual, or because they earn money through selling their services or even their art. We need to save places on the programme for people who need them – please don’t come if you’re ‘safe.’

2. Do you think that there is only one specific source of money that’s of interest to you, and if you focused on that all other challenges would disappear? Some organisations believe, or have been told, that there is a ‘silver bullet’ – online giving, corporate support, HNWI – that will solve their fundraising challenges. If you believe that there is a single simple way to solve your financial challenges you should attend one of the excellent one or two-day courses on that topic. Don’t commit to 6 days at The National Arts Fundraising School.

3. Are you ALREADY familiar with the latest developments in behavioural economics, online engagement, social investment, and corporate co-creation? If you’re really up to speed with all the latest thinking in fundraising and income generation then you probably don’t need to come. (Unless, of course, there are some emerging black swan-type issues that you might need to learn about in the next six months.) But if you know what there is to know don’t waste your time with us… get on with it!

4. Do you have easy, low-cost access to some of Europe’s leading fundraising experts already? The National Arts Fundraising School is led by a number of Europe’s leading fundraising experts, who are able to draw on expertise from the charity and cultural sector. If you don’t need 6 days of up-close and personal contact with this kind of talent, give us a miss. Or if you want to attend a course run by very nice people with a limited track record – sign up there.

5. Do you have better things you could spend £2K on? £2,000 is a lot of money. It could buy you a new laptop, some great design work, an annual report print run, or a year’s supply of espresso. All of these would be good. You do need to make a choice about priorities. And if transforming the way you raise money in order to do more is not your priority, commit to whatever is. We only have space for individuals super-committed to focus and success.

The next School is 10 – 15 November, book now to guarantee your place.

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