Dr. Claire Routley

Two amazing speakers today, starting with Dr. Claire Routley… the *only* lady with a PhD on Legacy Fundraising. Her enthusiasm is just infectious, and she gave some of the most interesting and useful insight on trends, motivations and promotional tips.

One of my favourite examples shared with us today was the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Tasmania, who use humour to break down the barriers to asking for a legacy gift:



We’re also sweetening up our presentation skills with our lovely Yvette Gyles (=mc Assistant Director and Learning & Development Consultant extraordinaire) – she’s putting the delegates through their paces ahead of their Pitching presentations tomorrow morning. It’s an important exercise and piece of learning we deliver here at NAFS – several senior leaders in the sector have never had training of this kind before, so it’s great for us to be able and provide this and give them the confidence to instil it in their organisations.
Can’t wait to see the presentations tomorrow!

Partner Consultant

The Management Centre

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