The Influential Fundraiser

Something that strikes me about the way the course is structured and designed is how it enables us all, both staff and participants, to reflect on our learning so far and share experiences, thoughts, reservations, dreams and ideas with each other over the (delicious) meals.

Peer to peer learning

The power of peer learning is one of the secrets of the National Arts Fundraising School – I am still in touch with so many people from when I attended in 2013, and will no doubt stay in touch with the delegates on this one – all of whom come from all over the UK…even Jersey!

Today’s focus has been on Individual Giving: the biggest potential source of income for arts & cultural organisations. It’s been a session on our feet – mirroring body language, gestures, even blink rates (!) to learn the most effective ways to influence donations.

For those interested in finding out more, I’d really recommend The Influential Fundraiser by our very own Bernard Ross & Clare Segal, which gives some excellent advice on how to use the psychology of persuasion to achieve fundraising success. It’s the read that I’ve grabbed from the huge library of resources available to delegates throughout the week.

The Influential Fundraiser

Dana Segal
Partner Consultant
The Management Centre

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