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If you’re keen to improve your fundraising in the arts and cultural field, there are number of online opportunities, some one-day training programmes, and even a few longer courses. Whether they are one hour or one week they are training programmes with a beginning, a middle and a very definite end. But at the National Arts Fundraising School we want to offer you a completely different kind of learning experience, something more – a long-term programme of support to help you and your organisation succeed. What we’ve learned in 30 years of experience, helping over 1,800 individuals, and raising £350 million plus is that many people need and want a support journey.

Here’s the timeline of the National Arts Fundraising School support journey:

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If you’re thinking about attending the National Arts Fundraising School we offer a free webinar in advance, which includes a chance to meet key programme leaders and past participants, twice a year. Over an informative hour you’ll be able to ask questions  and hear more about the structure and format of the programme.

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Tailored to your needs

If you decide to commit then before you come on the programme you’ll fill in a detailed online questionnaire designed to allow us to shape and organise your expectations and learning on the programme. This powerful diagnostic ensures the programme is tailored to meet your needs. And and to make sure that happens we’ll even call you up and tell you if we think the programme won’t benefit you – making sure you don’t waste your precious time or money.

Pre-programme briefing

A week or so before the programme starts you’ll have the chance to attend a pre-programme webinar. Here you can meet the programme leaders and connect to your fellow participants online. The webinar is designed to allow you to ask any last-minute questions about timing, programme structure, content, focus etc. we want this to be the most exciting and tailored training you’ve ever had.

Six intensive fact and fun filled days on the programme

If we could help you to create and deliver an impactful transformational strategy in one day we would do it. Believe me. But we can’t. Instead we’ve put together six intensive days working from 8.30 until 18.00 or later. You’ll enjoy learning so much, and see how fundraising all fits together – guided by some of Europe’s top fundraising experts.

Follow-up and after-care

Leave the programme with your head buzzing with ideas and confidence. You’ll also leave with a 300+ page manual covering all the key issues and more. After the programme we’re happy to offer you support and advice on proposals, on strategies, and even on your career if appropriate. We are 100% committed to your success. As an alumnus you are also entitled to attend, for free, the twice-a-year seminars we offer on subjects as diverse as online giving, storytelling, or major donors.

Participant views


Would you recommend NAFS?

Would you recommend NAFS?

Alumni share their reasons for recommending the School.


Why did you decide to come on NAFS now?

Why come now?

Participants share their views live from the final day of the April 2017’s School.


Katie’s story


Katie Milton Ovalhouse

Katie Milton, Development Director, Ovalhouse

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Staying in touch

Whether you came on the School last week or 29 years ago, we’d love to stay in touch with you on your journey – and help where we can.

If you haven’t heard from us for a while it’s likely we’ve lost touch along the way. Easily fixed though, just contact us and we’ll link you back up to the Alumni networks.


Once you’ve finished the School, you’ll be invited to join the Alumni Facebook group. This is a private group where participants from over the years have a safe place to discuss challenges, ideas and to seek advice from fellow Alumni.

We’ll also share the contact details from your own cohort with you, so you can stay in touch directly (pending yours/their approval though of course!).

Finally, for jobs, news, training and opportunities:

Fiona Mason Alumna

Next Alumni event coming soon

If you’re a past participant of the School and haven’t yet been to an Alumni event, watch this space. As well as a session on a current fundraising topic, you’ll be able to share and compare stories with your fellow Alumni. All for free.

Your Autumn gathering needs your help – what would you like to learn? Email your session ideas to us at and we’ll review them before the event. Got a space and want to host the event? We’d love to hear from you if you want to play host to the next event, you’ll get the chance to share your fundraising journey with your fellow Alumni and welcome us all to your organisation’s home. Contact us if you’d like to host.

Not sure you’re on the mailing list to hear about these events? Get in touch and we’ll send details out as soon as the details are confirmed.

To give you an idea of the what to expect, here’s a past session led by Bernard Ross:

Digital native or digitally naive?

This session focuses on how to produce outstanding fundraising results from online giving. In the process we will explore many of the myths associated with online giving and the digital space – especially how to avoid being fooled by the crowdfunding con.

In an energising and informative session we’ll cover:

  • The truth about the size on online giving: who gives and why
  • Insights into who key online givers are. (Spoiler alert it’s not millenials!)
  • How to create an online supporter journey – applying psychology insights
  • 21 ways to translate your website into a money making machine
  • Learn secrets from high-performing charities like Greenpeace and charity:water.

Here are the latest graduates from April 2018:


The Emcees Arts & Culture Awards for Excellence in Fundraising


Emcees Award winners 2018

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