Live from NAFS: Dana’s blog (day 4)

Communication is key

Day four at NAFS prepares our attendees for the all important pitch (if you know someone who has been on the course… ask them about the pitch task!) and our communications expert Jules Bellingham takes attendees through the part of the ‘ask’ that, ironically, we think about the least… the physical experience of it.

Did you know that blinking rates are different in different countries? And did you know that can affect the way you build rapport?

Body language is extremely important when it comes to fundraising. Fundraising is a people profession – interacting with existing and potential supporters, staff, board members – it’s all about human to human interaction.

We can get pretty obsessed with rehearsing a script but just as great actors know – you have to get up on your feet and practice to create a great performance. Why don’t we learn from our creative output and resource ourselves to communicate more effectively and impactfully? How can we better prepare for meetings, pitches or events?

After days of preparation, tomorrow our brilliant delegates will pitch for support from an imaginary corporate group – I can’t wait to see how they perform.


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