Live from NAFS: Dana’s blog (Day 3)

The business of fundraising

Company giving has had a lot of press lately: most recently an artist led campaign that meant BAE recalled their sponsorship of the Great Exhibition of the North – which means that cultural organisations have to consider whether they want to pursue corporate support at all, let alone how they want to go about it.

Corporate support in the UK is actually the smallest market – currently at around £750 million. With a move to more in-kind support, what are the ways arts organisations can benefit from the networks, contacts and expertise of companies to support their cultural endeavours? And who in the company might have a personal interest in your cause – in which case, is it a corporate supporter or an individual supporter prospect?

Thanks to my brilliant colleague Philly Graham, who brings years of corporate fundraising experience to the National Arts Fundraising School, the attendees learning wall today shows that they have a much better sense of what the corporate giving spectrum looks like and what motivates businesses.

NAFS fundraising wall day 3

So even though the market is much smaller than expected, they’re armed with the latest and best knowledge on how to make approaches should the opportunity arise.


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