Day five at the National Arts Fundraising School

After a late night preparing their pitches, NAFS participants are up early on this bright and sunny day in Alfriston to do their Corporate Pitch task. Everyone is looking super smart and ready to pitch to a company for anywhere up to £50,000 – and have six minutes to do so, with their fellow delegates watching, and a camera recording them…

Roxie Keon & Dominic Haddock

L-R: Roxie Keon & Dominic Haddock practising perfect pitch

Why do we put them through a task like this? We do this to embed the skills. Using a multi-layered approach to feedback and reflection enables each individual to learn about the specific presentation and communication skills they already have, what they can put into practice, and how to develop these valuable skills for the future.

You see fundraising training isn’t just about technical knowledge and case studies. It’s also about harnessing your inner personality, passion and drive to develop meaningful relationships, and thus meaningful donations. That’s something our participants really seem to be embracing, as they prepare to take their knowledge and findings back to their organisations.

Carmen Horrocks, Dana Segal, Amy O'Sullivan

L-R: Carmen Horrocks, Dana Segal, Amy O’Sullivan

I’m looking forward to celebrating with our participants tonight at the informal social, following some informative sessions on digital giving and major campaigns. Let’s see if anyone wants to perform some money themed songs at our karaoke party…


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