Day two at the National Arts Fundraising School

Our session about how to develop relationships with Trusts seems particularly relevant this week, as the Garfield Weston Foundation announce their new strategy – including providing supportive materials for applicants on how to submit a good proposal, and good finances.

David Burgess at NAFS 2017

Trusts are increasingly supporting applicants to make the best of their application – it’s up to us as fundraisers to recognise that as support, and make contact with those Trusts. Example funders in the arts & cultural space include the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Increasingly Trusts are also showing interest in sharing their strategies, and developing those with their potential beneficiaries. Two examples of this include City Bridge Trust, who are running consultations on their new strategy with previous and potential applicants, as well as The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation who are currently reviewing their civic role, and inviting arts and cultural organisations to be part of that conversation.

We talked about arts & cultural organisations role in ‘bridging the gap’ in articulating the value to those Trusts who might not traditionally operate in the art space. Those who have worked in the sector, or have benefited from it, can often take for granted that it can improve wellbeing, happiness or social inequality. However, if the sector articulates it clearly to those potential funders by presenting the arts as a solution to a ‘Good Problem,’ then it can be extremely successful.

More updates to come tomorrow.


Dana Segal

Partner Consultant

The Management Centre

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