James Brindle
The School team have helped us on our journey from local authority department to ambitious cultural development agency. We began by sending two team members and since then have used NAFS consultants to help us on a range of projects.
James Brindle

Deputy CEO
Magna Vitae

Who we are

Magna Vitae was originally part of the Culture and Leisure Department of East Lindsay District Council, We’re now an ACE-supported NPO running a wide range of projects including the legendary SO Festival.

How the NAFS team helped

We had massive ambition to develop our integrated cultural and leisure approach outside the authority.

NAFS gave us the strategic framework and some very practical advice on where the money was and how to get it. Since then we’ve worked with various members of the NAFS team — sometimes just seeking quick advice, sometimes on more complex projects.

Their advice is always practical and pragmatic. We’re working on a couple of joint projects right now, including an exciting one on using behavioural economics in our fundraising.

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