At the National Arts Fundraising School we develop a range of tips and tools, for people working in the arts and cultural sector.

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Convincer pack

This free pack is designed to help you decide whether you should attend the School, what you’ll get from it, 5 frequently asked questions and finally, how to convince your organisation that it’s a worthwhile investment.

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Making your case

A case for support is the core document explaining how supporters – prospective or present – might support your fundraising strategy.

The ideas in this article will help you put together this important fundraising proposition.

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The Influential Fundraiser

Donors need to be inspired and motivated to give. You need to have influence to make this happen. Based on award-winning book The Influential Fundraiser by =mc Directors Bernard Ross and Clare Segal, this download introduces a systematic approach to influence using the 5Ps: Passion, Proposal, Preparation, Persuasion and Persistence.

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How to make your fundraising ideas sticky

Honing the “elevator pitch” for your cause is vital. And as important is the ability to make it memorable and impactful. This download is based on an article first published in The Fundraiser magazine.

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7 Steps of Solicitation

Approaching major donors needs a careful and proven systematic approach. This practical download explores the seven key steps that will ensure you engage major donors effectively – and then keep them on board.

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Behavioural economics: why we think much less than we think and why its important

Behavioural economics is the phrase used to describe the real world practical rules that people use – often unconsciously – to make decisions. This download explains the basic principles and how we can apply lessons from there to our work in the field of social justice – fundraising, advocacy and campaigning.

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Nine Fundraising Nos

This download argues that fundraisers don’t need to be afraid of the word ‘No’. Most of the time when donors say “no” they are simply asking you to ask a better, more targeted question. This article explores the different “no” motivations and how you can respond.

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