5 questions for your training provider

Thinking about investing in arts fundraising training? 5 tough questions to ask your supplier before deciding

It’s never been more important to invest in skills and knowledge about private fundraising in the arts. These are tough times. The arts council faces more pressures than ever, lottery income is falling, we are leaving the EU and its cultural investment, LAs are withdrawing from arts support and even competing for funds up as […]

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Rachel Cockett

Perfect timing – Rachel Cockett, Director of Development, Birmingham Museums Trust

Shortly after she took up her first fundraising role at Birmingham Museums Trust, a promotional leaflet falling out of a magazine led Rachel Cockett to the National Arts Fundraising School at the exactly the right time. Find out how it gave her the skills and confidence to take the Trust to a whole new level […]

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Marina Jones, Royal Opera House

Getting to the top – Marina Jones, Royal Opera House

This blog celebrates the journey of one of the UK’s most successful arts fundraisers – Marina Jones, Head of Trusts & Foundations at Royal Opera House. Read on to discover what she gained from the National Arts Fundraising School, and how it helped her achieve her fundraising goals.  

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Alumni views

Alison King, Chief Executive, Turtle Key Arts

Alison King, Turtle Key Arts

Jenny Coombes, Freedom Festival


Zarko Koneski, British Council Macedonia


Colin McKenzie, Director, House of Illustration

It began at the Barbican… my 29 year NAFS adventure

When the National Arts Fundraising School (NAFS) opened it’s doors in 1988, Colin McKenzie was one of the first participants. Read about his fundraising journey since then and find out why he’s still benefitting from the programme, nearly 30 years after attending.  

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Brain cubed

Myth No 5: The rational case for the arts drives donations

In the final part of the #5Myths of Arts & Culture Fundraising blog series by National Arts Fundraising School Director Bernard Ross, he touches on the use of behavioural economics in fundraising. There’s been a massive growth in desire to justify the social or economic impact of the arts and culture. (And to prove the […]

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Generation Y

Myth No 4: Millennials are mean (or millennials are magnanimous…)

Part 4 of #5Myths of arts & culture fundraising from National Arts Fundraising School Director Bernard Ross. ‘Millennials’ – or Generation Y – is a general term for a demographic that includes anyone born from early 1980s to mid 1990s – a number of whom are now turning 30 or even closing on 40. There’s […]

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Myth No 3: Crowdfunding will solve the cash crisis

Third blog in the series of arts & culture fundraising Myths (#5Myths) by Bernard Ross. This time, crowdfunding… The headlines and hashtags leap out – mostly from social media, and especially Twitter – with claims that crowdfunding will replace or massively supplant ‘conventional’ fundraising. These headlines and claims offer hope, often to small organisations, about […]

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Wolf of Wall street 2

Myth 2: The rich will save us all

Introducing the second blog from the 5 myths of arts & culture fundraising series (#5Myths) by Bernard Ross.  Even as the corporate myth slowly starts to fade it’s been replaced by another – if slight – variant. Rising over the crest of the hill, see the new Knight in Shining Armour astride a unicorn – Sir […]

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Unicorns dont exist

Give up on the Unicorn! 5 Fundraising Myths for Arts and Culture…

Bernard Ross, =mc & National Arts Fundraising School Director and fundraising expert speaks out on 5 fundraising myths in arts & culture that you need to address… Here’s a challenging graph. With some challenging information. And challenging implications. The question is, what do we do about the loss of public support since it’s unlikely that […]

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Fiona Mason

19 years post-NAFS and the learning is still having an impact

In this guest blog, National Arts Fundraising School alumna Fiona Mason, now a freelance writer, arts consultant and Development Manager for Pacitti Company, shares her story since attending the School.   It’s a bright, crisp November day in 1998 when I arrive at the country house hotel outside Bath, Gloucestershire, for the National Arts Fundraising […]

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Bernard Ross Director

Stop ‘asking donors for money’ right now

=mc Director Bernard Ross bucks against the latest fundraising trend… and with good reason. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been transported back into the arts and culture world of the 1970s. To be honest it’s not all bad. I mean I could live with the bad hair, the purple nylon velour loon pants, and even […]

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Northern-Broadsides Logo

Creating the fundraising ninjas at Northern Broadsides

In this blog, Kay Packwood, Creative Projects Development Manager at Northern Broadsides shares her experience on the National Arts Fundraising School in 2017. Right – Kay Packwood at NAFS 2017 Working for a company that has a small core of four full time staff means that we all wear many different hats.  So, when the issue of […]

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A journey through film and fundraising

This guest blog is written by National Arts Fundraising School Alumna Deborah Parker, Chief Executive Officer at Cinema For All. We caught up with Deborah at a recent Alumni event and asked her to share her story since attending the School seven years ago: In 2009 I was working for one of the old Regional Screen Agencies in Manchester […]

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Roxie Keon & Dominic Haddock

Day five at the National Arts Fundraising School

After a late night preparing their pitches, NAFS participants are up early on this bright and sunny day in Alfriston to do their Corporate Pitch task. Everyone is looking super smart and ready to pitch to a company for anywhere up to £50,000 – and have six minutes to do so, with their fellow delegates […]

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Dr. Claire Routley

Day four at the National Arts Fundraising School

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The Influential Fundraiser

Day three at the National Arts Fundraising School

Something that strikes me about the way the course is structured and designed is how it enables us all, both staff and participants, to reflect on our learning so far and share experiences, thoughts, reservations, dreams and ideas with each other over the (delicious) meals. The power of peer learning is one of the secrets […]

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The NAFS Mug

Day two at the National Arts Fundraising School

Our session about how to develop relationships with Trusts seems particularly relevant this week, as the Garfield Weston Foundation announce their new strategy – including providing supportive materials for applicants on how to submit a good proposal, and good finances. Trusts are increasingly supporting applicants to make the best of their application – it’s up […]

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Dana Segal

Day one at the National Arts Fundraising School

Dana Segal, =mc’s newest Partner Consultant and co-leader of The National Arts Fundraising School offers up the first instalment of her daily blog.

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Bernard Ross Director

Crowdfunding, Gift Horses and their Dental Work

National Arts Fundraising School Founder-Director Bernard Ross looks at Crowdfunding, and explains why all may not be as it seems… I was recently sent an interesting report on crowdfunding by a participant on the National Arts Fundraising School – and specifically a scheme that’s been successfully run in Plymouth. At first the results look really impressive […]

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Zarko Koneski

In this blog, Zarko Koneski, Projects and Communications Coordinator, British Council Macedonia, shares his thoughts on The National Arts Fundraising School 2014.

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Georgina Brown

Georgina Brown

In this blog, Georgina Brown, Arts Fundraising Fellow with Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, shares her thoughts on The National Arts Fundraising School 2014.

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Hannah Kirkham

In this blog, Hannah Kirkham, Project Manager for Locus+ shares her experience on The National Arts Fundraising School 2014. Locus+ is a visual arts commissioning agency that works with artists on the production and presentation of socially engaged, collaborative and temporary projects, primarily for non-gallery locations.

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Bill Vince

Bill Vince

As money gets tighter, arts funders are increasingly having to act as fundraising advisers – helping their client organisations to secure their income from a more diverse range of sources.Below is a blog from Bill Vince, Senior Relationship Manager, Arts Council England who came on the National Arts Fundraising School in April 2014.

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